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Did you ever encounter a misunderstanding with a client, supplier or partner from another country? What if we told you that you could prevent this from happening again? Learn more about it through this webinar! 

In our globalized world, no one can isolate themselves from contact with people from other cultures: prospects, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. This is even more true for a country with a very dynamic economy focused on the international, like Belgium and Brussels are. In this context, it is essential to develop a cultural intelligence to decode the interlocutors messages, to respond in a way that is understandable and acceptable to them also to develop a climate of trust, etc. This videoconference reveals the secrets of international communication.


Many topics will be discussed such as:

- Models for understanding cultural differences

- Cultures that do not fear confrontation and those that favour harmony

- Communication styles

- How to create trust

- ...


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Marco Hellemans, Cultural intelligence maker at Dynamite

What is Beci ? 

Beci (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) is the result of a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Union des Entreprises de Bruxelles: two private not-for-profit organizations, managed by and for their members, based on a neutral and bilingual interprofessional model. Beci represents two thirds of employment in Brussels and more than 35,000 companies. Become a member.


Start: February 8, 2021
2:00 PM (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: February 8, 2021
3:30 PM (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / Brussels)

Online event

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