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Ladies and Gentlemen,

ExportUSA and BECI are glad to invite you to a specific seminar dedicated to the Food & Drug Administration [FDA] : the U.S. Federal Agency protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety, medical devices and cosmetics.

We will illustrate how FDA is structured, and which are the main features and regulations to be compliant with. The initiative is dedicated to the Brussels companies, willing to deepen and improve their presence in the US market, accordingly with the main American standards and the related guidelines.

After the seminar, ExportUSA is available for "one to one" meetings with the participants for a more customized assistance. Please contact us ( to arrange it if you wish to have a one-to-one meeting with ExportUSA.
The event is opened to food manufacturers, medical devices and cosmetics firms.

Lucio Miranda - President and founder of ExportUSA New York

  • Opening of the Seminar by BECI
  • "The Food and Drug Administration: how to comply and overcome the main challenges" - Lucio Miranda, President of ExportUSA New York Corp.
  • One to One Meetings
ExportUSA New York Corp. is an American consulting company that helps EU firms with exporting, selling and investing to the United States. With a 360° approach, the ExportUSA team covers a wide range of duties operating in many different sectors, from Food an Beverage to Tourism, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Design, Food Processing, Machinery, Industrial Goods, Transports, ICTs Etc... by keeping in mind the typical requirements of small - and medium-sized companies seeking to successfully export in the American market.

60€ excl. tax
Free for BECI members


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Début: 6 mars 2020
Fin: 6 mars 2020
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