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On 1 December 2020, the new rules regarding unlawful clauses in B2B contracts enter into force. As a result, the three chapters of the 2019 amendments to the Code of Economic Law have become fully operational.
When dealing with other business (B2B), all undertakings active in Belgium will have to make sure that they cannot be held liable for :
 1. Abuse of economic dependence2. Abusive Clauses3. Unfair market practices 
The aim of these new rules is to protect smaller businesses. The concern of the legislature is to avoid that ‘strong parties’ impose on their counterparts contractual terms affecting the legal balance between the parties’ respective rights and obligations, without any true possibility for the affected party to negotiate a better deal.
Our CMS Commercial experts will focus on the new rules regarding unlawful clauses in B2B contract and discuss what should be done in order to respect the new rules, covering topics such as:
 - Is your company in line with the new rules? - Which clauses in your standard contract template will be invalid- Should you amend your general terms and conditions?

Renaud Dupont, Managing Partner
Tom Heremans, Partner


10 December 2020

Online event

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