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Presenting our projects, products or services from behind a screen is a challenge for many of us. However, it is an essential soft skill for business professionals, both now and in the future.

Sales, Marketing, Leadership teams, and others, are discovering that much of their important non verbal communication is currently being lost. This webinar will provide you with practical tips to compensate for this and help you to engage your audience so you can present with more impact and drive the change you require.

Remote working is set to double, so it is now more crucial than ever to upskill and communicate clearly and concisely.

We look forward to seeing you. Connect with your computer and have your phone ready for some interaction.

Key points
- How to present yourself online
- How to focus on your communication goal
- How to communicate with clarity in English (native and non-native speakers)
- How to engage with your voice to inspire others

Experienced business communication coach and language specialist, Melanie Hussell owner of Speak Up

Beci Members: Free registration
Non-members: 50 eur htva (become a member)

Online event
The Zoom link will be given to you before the event.

What is Beci?
Beci (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) is the result of a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Union des Entreprises de Bruxelles: two private not-for-profit organisations, managed by and for their members, based on a neutral and bilingual interprofessional model. Beci represents two thirds of employment in Brussels and more than 35,000 companies. 5 reasons to become a member.


Start: 22 March 2021
End: 22 March 2021

Online event

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