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The coronavirus pandemic has become the crisis of the century and placed unprecedented pressure in business leaders and in companies.

The global scale of the outbreak, and its unpredictability make it challenging for leaders to respond.
Despite the context of fear and uncertainty being overwhelming, its crucial for leaders to be able to adapt during these challenging times, and to answer to them as effectively as possible. This is leadership in moments of crisis, understanding how to lead during current and future challenges.

In this workshop, we explore the mindset and actions that can help leaders keep the steering wheel during the coronavirus situation and future crises.

Topics we will discuss during the webinar:
  • Leading in moments of crisis - managing and decision-making through uncertainty
  • Mindset and Actions to lead companies and people
Ana Soares - Director of Chameleon


Trainings Team -


Début: 16 avril 2020
Fin: 16 avril 2020
BECI - Chambre de Commerce de Bruxelles

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